40 days of lockdown

The Griffin Inn is now approaching 40 days of ‘lockdown,’ and while we are as disappointed as the rest of our diners, wanted to explain how we have changed to cope with these difficulties.
I have launched a WhatsApp group called, ‘Griffin Inn diners,’ and it gives all members direct access to our talented, patient and extremely helpful chef, Michael Prescott.  It is therefore possible to suggest ‘specials,’ ask for gluten free goodies and all manner of other things.  Payment can be taken by phone and your food is left in the front porch for collection at the pre arranged time.
Chef cooks everything himself using fresh ingredients as and when we can get hold of them.  Our Griffin bread and burgers are very popular, as are all of our home made pies and Currys.  Our organic beef dishes are made from Irnham Estate animals from our very own fields, and eat grass which has never seen fertiliser other than good old cow poo!
We continue to support not only our community but also our local businesses like Bassingthorpe milk, which tastes amazing, is full fat for a reason and is a key ingredient to our Michael’s mind blowingly sumptuous ice cream which we sell by the tub.  Even our free chickens have found a role to play and produce perfect eggs while hoovering up all the insects in the garden around the pub : )  
We are determined not to close or furlough our key staff members, so that we can continue to provide what we consider to be an essential service to our valued customers.  I have delivered hundreds of NEW takeaway menus direct to customer’s doors incase they don’t have access to the internet or a computer, relying instead on magazines, Royal Mail or word of mouth.
Please give us a try soon, as we are here to help and will continue to play our part just like our troops did, while VE Day is still fresh in our minds.
We are OPEN everyday, and our hours are as below:
11am/2.30pm & 5pm/8.30pm 
11am/2.30pm Sunday
Griffin Inn telephone 01476 550 201
Jamie Benton Jones mobile (to request WhatsApp membership) 07973168452